Bengaluru, India

World IA Day 2018

Saturday, February 24, 2018

If you would like to attend our celebration, please bookmark this page and check back. We will be updating our content in the upcoming days. We look forward to seeing you!

WIAD 18 Theme: How are you using IA for good?

World Information Architecture Day is a one-day annual celebration of this phenomenon. Hosted in dozens of locations across the world by local organizers on February 24th, we focus on telling stories of information being architected by everyone from teachers to business owners; technologists to artists; designers to product managers.

Join us on February 24, 2018 as information architecture practitioners around bengaluru come together to celebrate, share knowledge, and bring awareness to the importance of strategy and structure.


Unisys India Pvt. Ltd.
135/1, Residency Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
Program Schedule
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
2:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Panel Discussion - Information Architecture for a good User Experience


  1. Raghav Kumar
  2. Puneet Bhagat
  3. Mugha Kulkarni ( will join via video conferencing)
  4. Sreedhar Reddy
  5. Sushumna


  1. Keerthi Somanath
  2. Aslam
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Networking and Coffee
Speakers & Presenters
Raghav Kumar
Raghav Kumar P
Sr. Director Consulting Services
CGI Information Technology and Services

IT professional with over a decade of experience in 

1.JAVA J2EE based enterprise systems
2.Good experience on Enterprise architecutre and Design Models.
3.Good exposure to SOA tools and models.

Specialties: Project Management,Solution Architecture,Onsite offshore co-ordination,High end Architecture consulting.

Sreedhar Reddy
Sreedhar Reddy
Senior User Experience Designer
Phillips Design

Sreedhar Reddy works on the MRI machine platform UX where they grapple with huge IA challenges in a complex system while trying to improve the UX experience and patient outcomes day in and day out.

He also has worked on the telecom domain from the POV of a usability analyst and a UX designer as a first designer of his previous company where they revamped a product suite(of 8 products) from grounds up.

He also has previous experience in running an Innovation Lab in rural Bihar (in collaboration with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) where they innovated on new digital solutions for the Bottom of the Pyramid. 

He has deep experience in the field as a design researcher and will bring valuable insights on how IA can do good by impacting the lives of the under-served positively.

Puneet Bhagat
Puneet Bhagat
Lead Architect

IA and UX skills brewed for 20+ years with flavors of a wholesome life, career, wife and kids. Developed the IA and UX Maturity Models, Narrative Design Strategy, The Red Team critiques, and learning development for early childhood. 

Enjoy solitude, story telling, teaching, flying microlights, new places/cuisines and napping. 

Currently working as a Lead Architect for DB Tools in a telecommunications company.

Mugdha Kulkarni
Mugdha Kulkarni
Information Architect & Certified Scrum Master
IBM India Private Limited


Working with IBM as an information architect, Mugdha has progressed in this role by intent. She has been working in the communication industry since 2000 - first as a copywriter, then as a technical writer, and now as an IA. Her inquisitive mind has taken her through the eventful journey into the world of adult learning theories, minimalism, Neuroscience, empathy, cognition, and interaction design. The journey seems endless in this life.


Mugdha considers herself fortunate for having access to the right information and exposure to the right professional environment. While witnessing and experiencing the transformation of information developers into content designers, she is keen on sharing her experiences, challenges, and 'aha moments' with others. That seems to be the easiest way to learn and grow.

In her spare time, Mugdha is often found reading Bhagavadgeeta or Valmeeki Ramayana.

Information Architect
Honeywell Technology Solutions

Sushumna is Information Architect at Honeywell Technology Solutions.
She supports internal applications, website portals and products. 
Her expertise is in Information Visualization, Art and Design.

Information Architect
Unisys India Pvt. Ltd.

Aslam works as the Information Architect for the Information Development team at Unisys India Private Limited, Bangalore. He is a post graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism. He has over 11 years of experience in technical writing. In his leisure time, he likes travelling.

Local Sponsors & Partners

Local Team

shashank manda
Shashank Manda
Lead Interaction Designer

Shashank has demonstrated experience in visual arts and user experience design processes, with over 12 years’ in creating user-centered web applications. He is recognised for designing engaging user experiences, managing cross-disciplinary teams for enterprise-wide applications. Currently he is engaged as a lead interaction designer at GE Digital working on niche industrial products using contemporary design methodologies.

Keerthi Somanath
Keerthi Somanath
Lead User Experience Designer

Currently working as a Lead User Experience Designer at CGI Information Technology and Services.