Saint Petersburg, Russia

WIAD Saint Petersburg

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The official event language: Russian.
Sorry, at this point we are out of tickets.

The Saint Petersburg branch of WIAD is run by UX SPb — the independent UX specialists community of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Quick talks summary:

* «Architecture is not my problem»
Ilona Sarkisova (User Experience Designer, EPAM)
Why should a designer care about the system architecture? Should someone care instead? How to apply the abstract understanding of IA in practice?
The talk will be especially useful for beginners.

* «NOT PARALYZED BY SPECS: How to translate IA to a team without loosing the development pace»
Lara Simonova (Information Architect, Christie’s)
As IAs we are responsible not only for information gathering and processing, information structure and project logic development. We are responsible for an optimal form of presentation of this knowledge to the team members. The talk will be devoted to practical approaches for information interchange within a team;

* «UX: Let's make the system comfortable? — No! Let's make the life comfortable!»
Max Tsepkov (IT-architect & Business analyst,
The paradigm of digital products lifecycle is changing. A human does not use systems, he lives in between of simultaneously acting systems and devices. Meantime, the developers are still focused on a single given product, disregarding the multi-parallel reality;

* «How to gather the beneficial information for a web-site»
Dmitriy Makarov (UX-writer, KB «Sobaka Pavlova»)
What role can a copywriter play in the web-site structure planning? What methods will help him while carrying out the project's information architecture?

* «IA Sprint»
Kirill Ulitin (UXA, MyOffice)
Typical case for a large product — a lot of staff is already built, new features are on the way, while the current UI is gradually getting outdated and the information structure is becoming a mess. The talk will be devoted to the story of a short team-syncing string, information model reassembling and searching for new information structure solutions. Preliminary steps, essential points and further moves.

Two hands-on workshops to be held:

* «Object-mental UI model»
Nikita Efimov (Product manager, Selectel);

* «Problem Engineering: Yeah! Let's confuse our users!»
Yury Solonitsyn (Lead interaction designer, INT).


The conference will take place on the long three-days holyday weekend. What a great reason to spend an extra day in the Venice of the North!




Selectel HQ
Saint Petersburg, Tsvetochnaya st., 19
Program Schedule
11:00 -
Venue open
11:45 -
Official conference opening
12:00 -
Architecture is not my problem
12:45 -
NOT PARALYZED BY SPECS: How to translate IA to a team without loosing the development pace
13:30 -
UX: Let's make the system comfortable? — No! Let's make the life comfortable!
14:00 -
Long break
15:00 -
Second chapter opening
15:10 -
How to gather the beneficial information for a web-site
15:50 -
IA Sprint
16:30 -
Closing session
Speakers & Presenters
Ilona Sarkisova
Ilona Sarkisova
User Experience Designer
Lara Simonova
Lara Simonova
Infarmation Architect
Max Tsepkov
Max Tsepkov
IT-architect and Business analyst
Dmitriy Makarov
KB "Sobaka Pavlova"
Kirill Ulitin
Kirill Ulitin

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Local Team

Julia Kryuchkova
Julia Kryuchkova
Principal Ideator
Nikita Efimov
Nikita Efimov
Venue Yeti Shepherd
Yury Solonitsyn
Yury Solonitsyn
Information Transposer