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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Gideon Simons


UX & Digital Product Lead(AVP), MediacorpSpeaker gideon photo


Gideon currently heads Product & UX at Mediacorp, Singapore's national broadcaster. Prior to Mediacorp, Gideon was giving transformation and innovation workshops to CXOs, business and product teams as the ASEAN practise lead for mobile. Before that he served as CTO of two start ups and a UX consultant for a wide variety of clients, from start ups to banks and telcos.

Gideon enjoys making people excited about using products and making teams excited about building products.
You will normally find him partnering closely with business teams, conducting ideation and progress sessions, mentoring teams, building road maps and pipelines, researching, prototyping and observing users.

Throughout his career, Gideon has driven world class mobile apps, e-learning platforms, campaigns, social, fintech, interactive kiosks, beauty apps, telco apps, apps for banks, insurance companies, hospitals and many more


Fake News

  • In a world where data is currency, information is everywhere and every business is competing for those 15 seconds of your attention a new dark force has emerged.Fake news is an epidemic that spreads itself via news feeds, blogs, water cooler conversations, and feeds on peoples confirmation bias. This epidemic that has gotten itself into our daily conversations, university papers, has already changed the way we make decisions and can very well change the way we perceive reality.In this talk we will learn what the big players like Facebook, Governments, News channels are doing to battle Fake news, how it effects them and most importantly what it means for us.


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